I'll be a freshman this fall, what's the chance of me getting into Chouinard Hall? from Anonymous

Something like 90%, you’re pretty much guaranteed housing if you turn in all your forms on time. If you’re late, you’re fucked.

Any advice for hopeful future students of Calarts? Love this blog, by the way. from Anonymous

Oh jeez, it depends so heavily on both your major and what you’re looking for in a college its insane. What school/metier are you looking at? I can only give good advice on my own.

Your portfolio carries the bulk of your chance, but your interview can make or break you. Be passionate, know what your strengths are, what you want to achieve both at CalArts and beyond, and visit us if you can! Sorry for such generic advice, but it really does ring true. If you get the opportunity to do an in person interview, take it in place of the phone interview. I was even able to do mine in NYC.

To really strive here, you have to be able to work insane hours, be extremely self motivated, manage your time wisely, and not loose your passion because you haven’t slept reasonable hours in months. If you haven’t found somewhat of a groove after a semester, I’d be worried.

Depending HEAVILY (I can’t stress this enough) on the program, you can get by while high 24/7 or be asked to leave durning mid residency reviews (at the end of your second year). The key to success here is to not get sucked too much into the drug haze of our sun soaked campus and manage your art, projects, and time effectively. And if you do, the projects and collaborations you will create here will be both stunning and inspirational. 

Also be nosy as fuck about what the school can offer. There are a lot of sweet perks like discounted movie tickets and project grants, they can just be very hard to find at times. 

And keep your eyes open in the hallways, there is ALWAYS something going on here, and there is usually a poster in some hallway with a time and place that you won’t notice until the day after the event is over. 

I’m not sure what kind of advice you were looking for, I hope I gave you something useful here.

haha who are you? i love your enthusiasm for documenting the school. after having been here for four years, i've developed a strong case of cynicism and so it's nice to be reminded of all the wonderful things that happen on our campus. thank you. :) from internetandwine

Heheheheee not sure I should tell! But you’ve probably seen me, I’m short, tan, and wear an orange or blue jumpsuit most days of the week.

I’m glad this makes you like our school just a little bit more, now if only some CalArtians weren’t so destructive of the building and each others’ work!